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La Vie en Couleur: Vert (Green)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

...a journey through the Colors of Provence!

This was a series of emails that were sent during the spring and summer of 2020:


Located in the South of France, Provence is sandwiched between the breathtaking Alps, the Mediterranean Sea with its beautiful Côte d'Azur, and the majestic Rhône river. The Hautes-Alpes and the Rhone-Alps protect Provence and the Mediterranean coastline from severe weather, which has helped to create a very desirable climate for us humans throughout the centuries.

Ancient Roman coliseums, ruins, and still-viable aqueducts dot the landscape while the remnants of a Papal Palace tell the story of a region whose history is rich in intrigue, strategy, and power. The white horses of the Camargue and the chirping cigales (cicadas) evoke the wildness of Provence's natural world.

From fields of lavender planted in front of ochre cliffs to dramatic perched and fortified villages built to withstand visiting marauders, the landscape of Provence cannot be described with one word or even only one color. Moreover, the color and light that this region enjoys has been celebrated through the ages from the poetry of Frédéric Mistral to the canvases of artists including Monet, Cézanne, and Van Gogh!

Green is the first color in La Vie en Couleur Collection!

Provence is known for vegetables, herbs, olives, and of course, olive oil! Did you know that almost two-thirds of France's olives come from Provence?

The agriculture of Provence is expansive and reflects greens of all shades. Emile Zola, one of the most influential French writers of the 19th century's naturalism movement, best explained the nuances of green in nature when he described the pastoral scenery reflecting the yellow green of wheat, the blue green of oats, and the green-grey of rye. (La Terre, 1887)

Green represents agriculture and the earth, but it is also a color of l'espérance (hope)! As we begin leaving our homes and enjoying the outdoors, it is my hope that you will enjoy the herbs and flora of Provence through these fun and colorful items!

We may not get the chance to travel to Provence anytime soon, so why not bring some of Provence into your home!

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