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Product  Care


If your purchase is 100% cotton with an acrylic coating, then it is stain proof for easy care.  The stains won't penetrate in the linens. No washing is necessary!  To keep it clean simply use a wet cloth to clean and wipe off the spills!  Can be occasionally machine-washed in cold or warm water without losing the coating.We recommend that you simply hang dry, and then iron (if needed) only on the reverse side of your tablecloth. Do NOT dry clean.  These tablecloths can be left outside on your patio, but fading can and will take place eventually.


These jacquard linens are made of 100% double-woven cotton with Teflon coating. They are stain resistant to liquid spills. Yet, all spills should be treated immediately. They are machine washable in cold or warm water, with best results from front-loading machines. Tumble dry on a low temperature setting or better yet, hang it dry for the best results. Iron at a normal setting on the reverse side of the fabric to remove wrinkles. 

The Teflon coating can lose its resiliency from over-washing or harsh detergents.  If you think this might be happening to your linens, we recommend using a gentler detergent and ironing either side on a high temperature to revive the Teflon coating.  

These fabrics can be dry cleaned.


If your purchase is 100% cotton, then it is machine-washable in cold or warm water.  Tumble dry on a low temperature setting or simply hang dry for best results.  Some ironing is necessary, as with all cotton linens.
We do not recommend leaving these tablecloths outside for any long periods of time.  Unlike their coated cotton cousins, these cotton tablecloths are inclined to fade quickly due to the intensity of the sun's rays.


If your purchase is made from a polyester and cotton blend, then it won’t wrinkle like 100% cotton fabrics or stain as easily if spills are wiped off quickly. These fabrics can be used for the indoors or the outdoors. They are machine washable in cold or warm water.  Simply tumble-dry on a low temperature setting. No ironing required. These fabrics can be dry cleaned, as well.

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