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Lavender Collection

No flower quite says Provence like Lavender! From the Abbey of Senanque and all along the different Routes de Lavande, to small romantic gardens, lavender continues to contribute to the mystique and magic of this region of France.

We have a lovely selection of jacquard tablecloths, coated cotton tablecloths, napkins, dish towels, table runners, ceramics, and more: all either with lavender as its central motif, or inspired by the sun-drenched lavender vistas of Provence. Hopefully, we will all be able to travel soon, but until then, may these linens remind us all of the simpler scented days of summer. 

We've included a few of the products we've branded for our lavender business.  If you'd like to virtually visit our boutique lavender farm, check out our new website Sierra Shadows Farm.

Lavender Fields
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