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The Giving Table
Help me help Meals on Wheels by purchasing a beautiful new tablecloth.  Whether its a jacquard or coated cotton tablecloth, your purchase will help Meals on Wheels and its mission of providing healthy food and independence to senior citizens.  Congress will be deciding whether to keep current funding of the Meals on Wheels program, a program that has been around since 1954.   "What started as a compassionate idea has grown into one of the largest and most effective social movements in America, currently helping nearly 2.4 million seniors annually in virtually every community in the country." - Meals on Wheels
Let's make a difference together...with every purchase of a new French tablecloth from now until December 31st, I will be donating 5% to Meals on Wheels.  You can help, going to the campaign to let Congress know how important this program is for our seniors, our communities, and our society, as a whole.  To learn more, go to To thank you, please use discount code TheGivingTable10 at checkout and receive 5% off any tablecloth purchased until December 31st.  Thank you, and let's give.  
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