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What's a drop?

A "drop" is the length of tablecloth that drapes off the sides of your table. Different "drops" convey different styles and moods when table setting. Here are some tips to help you figure out what size tablecloth based on the "drop" you desire.

When deciding on the size of tablecloth, you will need to consider the drop of the tablecloth, or the length of the material that hangs on either side of the table. Typically, "drops" can be anywhere from 6" to 14", but it all depends on the look and design your are seeking.

If you are going for a more elegant table setting, choose a tablecloth with a longer drop. So, to find the drop, take the dimensions of your table and adding 2x the amount of drop you want on either side.

For example: if your table is 72" long and you want a drop of 12" then you will need to double the drop (24") and add it to your length: 72"+24". You will want a tablecloth that is close to 96" in length.

Many of our jacquard tablecloths have stunning borders that need longer drops, like the tablecloth pictured below. However, it is ultimately up to you.

If you are looking for a more versatile tablecloth for the patio or for doing artwork with your kids or grandkids, you might not want that long of a drop as in your more elegant table setting. Instead, find a drop closer to 6" or 8" inches. So, for a 60" table you'd want to double your drop (14"), then add it to the 60" for a tablecloth that measures 74"

With round tables, the drop is easy to find once you know the diameter of your table. However, you will first need to decide what length of drop you need. Once again, consider who will be at the table and the look and feel you are going for as well as the overall design of the tablecloth you are interested in. Round tablecloths with a centered motif and border will look very different on different size rounds, unlike those with a more striped or all-over design. Remember, a longer drop is always a bit more elegant.

Most round tables are either 48" or 60" in diameter. The majority of our round tablecloths are 60" and 70" in diameter, but we do have a few 90" round tablecloths in our collections. To find the correct size of tablecloth, simply subtract the diameter of your table with the size of the tablecloth in question and then divide that number by 2.

Here are some examples:

60" tablecloth on a 48" diameter table has a 6" drop

70” tablecloth on a 48” diameter table has an 11” drop

90” tablecloth on a 48” diameter table has a 21” drop

70” tablecloth on a 60” diameter table has a 5” drop

90” tablecloth on a 60” diameter table has a 15” drop

You can also put a square tablecloth on a round table, like the photo above.

Things to consider:

The manufacturer recommends most tablecloths to be tumble or air dried. If you do dry your tablecloths, use a lower setting and understand that it is normal to have some shrinkage with any cotton product.

The widths of our tablecloths measure approximately 60". We do have a few styles in a larger 70" width.

Common sizes for our Rectangle Tablecloths:

47"x60", 78"x60", 85"x70", 98"x60", 98"x70", 118"x60", 118"x70, 136"x60", and 136"x70"

Common sizes for our Round Tablecloths:

60", 70", 90"

Common sizes for our Square Tablecloths:

60"x60" and 70"x70"

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