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Let's Get Back to the Table!

Join me in my quest to build community,

one table at a time! 

Use the hashtags: #GetBacktotheTable #AroundtheTable #TheSunflowerofProvence 

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People always ask me why I decided to sell French tablecloths?

My answer has always been because they remind me of my time in France and the French marchés...

Really though, the answer lies somewhere between this nostalgia and my love of being around a table with family and friends.To me, tablecloths help build community. It is at the table where we share stories, listen to one another, and turn acquaintances into friendships.

I'm asking you to help me spread the joy of being "à table!" If you've bought a tablecloth from me in the past, post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of you enjoying your tablecloth with family and friends!


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...and let's all get back to the table!

*offer expires May 31, 2019

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