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Sharing the Beauty You Created with the Colors of Provence - One Year Later

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Almost a year ago, our world plunged into a new and dark reality: COVID-19. Like for everyone else, the news of this global pandemic created sudden isolation and uncertainty for me and my family. And sadly, like so many, we lost a family member to this disease. "Stay-at-home" morphed into "Keep-each-other-safe" by taking action to avoid crowds, mask up, and stay within our "COVID-bubble of friends and family." This has not been an easy journey.

During those months away from people, we shared a Colors of Provence email series to bring some much-needed brightness into our lives. We explored the purples, yellows, blues, pinks, and greens of Provence. Recipes, history, and other fun trivia of France were included to encourage us all to find beauty and joy in the midst of Covid. You shared wonderful feedback and your own photos from your Colors of Provence creativity. We thought it would be fun to revisit the sunnier moments of this past year through your photos. To enjoy the beauty you all created see more photos, please take a look at our Clients Photos page. This page includes the past year as well as images from the past nine years of you enjoying your French linens. Your photos remind me why I continue to spread my love of France and ultimately, the colors of Provence, one tablecloth, napkin, table runner or topper, apron, placemat, or dish towel at a time.

Enjoy this glimpse of the past year. Please keep sharing your photos and messages -- they mean the world to us! Also, if you'd like to look through the Colors emails again, they are archived here in the blog under the category, "Divers - Miscellaneous"

Amusez-vous bien and may you and your loved ones stay healthy! (I just got my first vaccine shot last week - woo hoo!!)

-Daunelle :)

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