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Allez célébrer le week-end!

The Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of the French Republic.

Tomorrow is Saturday, July 14th, France's national holiday! Bastille Day, or le Jour de la Bastille, or La Fête de la Bastille, commemorates the brave and determined actions of a group of Parisians who stormed the ancient fortress of the Bastille and subsequently helped release several prisoners that were being held there during the first revolutionary uprisings under the reign of Louis XVI. This day, also known as La Fête Nationale or simply Le Quatorze Juillet, is forever remembered as one of the more important yet somber victories of the French Revolution and the beginning of the dissolution of the "Ancien Régime."

If the French didn't have enough to celebrate, this year's national holiday precedes the final game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! France will meet Croatia this Sunday for what is sure to be an exciting and historic game!

I think you know who I'll be cheering for:

Allez les Bleus!

For an interesting look at the history of these champions, go to

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