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One of my very first clients sent me a photo of her new tablecloth.  Since that first photo seven years ago, I've asked all my clients to send me pictures of their tablecloths:  wherever and whenever.  I've received pictures from camping trips to back decks.  I love every one of them and am thrilled to add your photo to this gallery if you would like! (I'll even send you a little discount for future purchases!)

Lourmarin Jacquard Tablecloth
"Lourmarin" Blue/Yellow 70" Teflon-Treated Jacquard Round Tablecloth
Grasse Coated Cotton Tablecloths
"Grasse" Purple 60" Round Coated Cotton
Lavandine Jacquard Tablecloth
"Lavandine" 98"x63" Teflon-Treated Jacquard Tablecloth
Valensole Coated Cotton Tablecloth
"Valensole" Terra Cotta 70" Coated Cotton Round Tablecloth
Mirabeau Coated Cotton
"Mirabeau" Yellow with Red 70" Coated Cotton Round Tablecloth
Les Coqs Placemat
"Les Coqs" Quilted Placemat
Les Coqs Embroidered Runner
"Les Coqs" Embroidered Runners 66"x20"
Lourmarin Jacquard Tablecloth
"Lourmarin" Multi-Colored 70" Teflon-Treated Round Tablecloth
Persia Embroidered Tablerunner
"Persia" Red Embroidered Tablerunner
Olives Coated Cotton Tablecloths
"Olives" Green 70" Round Coated Cotton Tablecloth
Citron Coated Cotton Tablecloths
"Citron" 98"x60" Coated Cotton Tablecloth
La Cigale Cotton Round Tablecloth
70" Round Cotton Tablecloth
Grignan Jacquard Tablecloth
"Grignan" Blue with Yellow 63"x63" Teflon-Treated Jacquard Tablecloth
Seguret Jacquard Tablecloth
"Seguret" Red 98"x63" Teflon-Treated Jacquard Tablecloth
Orange Burst Jacquard Dish Towel
"Orange Burst" Jacquard Dish Towel
Sunflower Dish Towels
"Sunflower" Jacquard Dish Towel
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Paisley Placemats

"Paisley" Blue Quilted and Bordered Placemats

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